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Welcome to the Shadow Jedi Network

Please note: While we do offer our Training Program to network users this is not mandatory it is a choice and we will respect your choice.


Our rules are very simple:

1. Respect everyone.

2. Bullies will NOT be tolerated.

3. No NSFW content.

4. Introduce yourself in the 'Introductions' section of our 'Discussion Board'.


For more information on the Shadow Jedi Order Of Knowledge please visit our website at www.shadowjediorderofknowledge.simplesite.com

~Shadow Master Lonewolf

The Shadow Code

There is no Dark Side, nor a Light Side, there is only the Force

We will do what we must to maintain the balance of the Force

For it is the balance of the Force that keeps me together as a whole

There is no good without evil, however, let no evil rule over you

Have a passion against violence, yet control of all emotions

Display serenity while being at peace

Chaos is all around us, it is up to us to bring order

I am the wielder of the secret fire, so I may protect the balance of the Force

I hold the truth in my heart, so I can light the way for others

I am the keeper of the sacred fire, soldier of balance

I will guard the balance of the Force with all that I know and all that I am

I am a Shadow

Our Statement
"Control thy self in order to bring balance between logic and emotion so you may focus on the true center of all issues"
Our Mission
To bring justice and equality to this diverse planet of individuals
Our Cornerstones





Our Pillars





Discussion Board Break-down

Here is what you will find what you will see on our Discussion Board.


Forum #1: News-This forum is where you will find and can post any news article

Forum #2: New Members-This forum is where you will find introductions

Forum #3: Q & A-This forum is for any questions you may have regarding the network and/or the Shadow Jedi Order Of Knowledge

Forum #4: General-This forum is for general discussions

Forum #5: Horoscopes-Here you will find a link to the CBC's daily horoscopes


More may be added as more forums are requested. To request a new forum in the Discussion Board please email Shadow_Master_Lonewolf at shadowjediorder@gmail.com with the following information:

-Forum Title
-User Name <--To give credit for forum creation
-Purpose of forum

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